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Member Highlights

Lindsey Davis: DNP project $1,000 check winner


Jennie Sirridge, STTI Lambda Phi Chapter treasurer, is awarding Lindsey Davis with a $1,000 check for her DNP project on Adolescent Relationship Abuse that she presented at one of our events this past year. Congratulations Lindsey!




Laura Lamphear: Winner of the 2016 Daisy Faculty Award

"Her teaching material is informative, thought-provoking, interesting, and has direct clinical application.....What’s more, she is extremely involved throughout our day, encourages us to participate, and is there to give us a high-five whenever we are successful at administering medications or starting IV’s. One-on-one, she is relaxed, kind, encouraging, and gives very good explanations outside the room before we enter the room and attempt a skill. At the bedside, she is calm and helps to calm us in our stressed state as we complete our skills....Finally, Professor Lamphear is extremely kind, caring, and helpful to the patients on our unit; she is talkative and easily converses with patients, and puts them at ease when they discover a student will be taking care of them.....She is a wonderful example on how a nurse should be toward patients. "


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